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Dartmoor Gallery

All the photographs on this website and many more can be viewed and purchased from the Shop


Dartmoor 20 Photography, Prints and Workshops

Dartmoor 20 is a personal photography project by Landscape Photographer Brian Northmore. It's core aim is to maintain a portfolio of 20 of his best images for all to enjoy on line accompanied by a narrative and educational text.

Local photographers maintain that Dartmoor is difficult to photograph - Brian maintains that like all subjects, photographers and artists need to understand what it means to them, to be able to hear what landscape is saying to them before trying to capture it photographically.

The projects secondary aims are to provide photographers with the opportunity to join the Photographer on a Dartmoor Photography Workshop. For photographers who would prefer to explore on there own then you will find a few guides to my favourite walks and locations on the moor, selected with photography


Blog - Brian Northmore Photography

  • Portraits At Harrowbeer

    Portraits At Harrowbeer


    There are many types of photographer, but it could be said that there are those who photograph people and those that don't. I generally fall into the category that don't. Or more correctly should I say don't at the moment. I have in the past photographed weddings, but I have never turned my lenses to candid photography. It feels. slightly awkward and very