West Dart River nr Wistmans Wood

West Dart River Near Wistmans Wood, Black and White PrintPurchase The West Dart River, Black and White Photograph

I visit this spot often on my photography workshop It located just a few meters downhill from Wistmans wood and adds interest to a days photography on Dartmoor. It is often deserted and allows the solitude required for truly rewarding landscape photography.

Although it easily seen from the track leading to Wistmans wood it is not so easily reached. I have never managed to get to this spot without getting my feet wet; the surrounding banks are often boggy and waterlogged. Keeping kit on dry ground when setting up the image is always a challenge.

In this composition I have used the large Granite boulder in the foreground to give a good solid base to the image. The natural V formed by the valley sides hold your eye in and help it meander along the West Dart tumbling over the rocks up to the lone tree on the horizon. I cropped the top of the original to remove an unwanted sky. I could have tilted the camera down when taking the image, but this added to much prominence to the foreground, and zooming in had the opposite effect of removing the foreground a flattening the perspective too much.

West Dart River nr Wistmans Wood, sepia print

Sepia Print of West Dart River nr Wistmans Wood