The Hidden Falls Of Venford Brook

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I have seen a few photographs taken at the hidden falls. Something that is supposedly difficult to find can not be that hard to search out if it can be found all over the Internet. The Falls are infact not so much hidden just not visible from the normal footpaths. To reach them there is a bit careful footwork over steep terrain. I will say no more, and leave you to find them on your own, as the location is magical, made even more so by locating them.

The Hidden Falls are not easy to photograph and care must be taken; most of the time you and your camera will be working stood in water, but the resulting photographs justify the effort.

As with all imaged involving flowing water and holding details in the highlights is important but equally detail needs to be retained in the shadows. In this image exposure blending has been used in Photoshop to present a photograph rich in detail with a full range of tones. Exposure blending is not HDR and gives a much more realistic rendition of the scene. 

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