The Approach To Wistmans Wood

The Approach to Wistmans Wood, Black and White PhotographPurchase The Approach to Wistmans Wood, Black and White Photograph

The Photograph of Wistmans Wood was taken in March 2010 at the end of a particularly cold spell on the Dartmoor. The last of the snow and frost was melting, and the walk was relatively easy and pleasant. Wistmans wood is famous for it's old twisted Oak trees, lichens, and moss. Often portrayed in photographs and art as a dark mysterious place shrouded in mystery and mist, it is actually very peaceful.

This photograph of Wistmans wood shows the approach. Following the track between the two boulders and traversing along the side of the ridge until reaching the wood itself. After passing through the boulders the route is less distinct but eventually gives way to a track leading you to the entrance and information board.

I took this picture to show the landscape around the wood, how it clings to the side of the valley sheltering from the elements. The low viewpoint makes the most of the foreground. Including the track between the boulders helps draw your eye into the photograph

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