Norsworthy Bridge Over The RiverMeavy

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One of the attractions of Norsworthy Bridge is its proximity to the road and easy parking. It can be found on the North Eastern end of Burrator reservoir. There is ample off road parking. I took this photograph at the end of walk on the moor.

Taken in fine weather with blue skies around midday in October. However sunshine and this sort of image do not always mix; the incompatible combination can lead to burnt out highlights and deep dark shadows. Photoshop trickery, or as in this case patience is the answer. I waited for some cloud cover, a natural diffuser to lower the contrast. Selecting a shutter speed slow enough to show movement in the water completes the image. Inclusion of the rock in the foreground, the slightly darkened trees and riverbank funnel your attention to the archway and old tree stump.

As with many of my images I like it if it recreates a sense of being in that moment. With this image I can feel the texture in the bridge, sense the cold water flowing over my walking boots and remember waiting for a little cloud cover.

Norsworthy Bridge Over The River Meavy is located at the North Eastern End of Burrator Reservoir on the circular road and is one of my favorite locations.

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