Lone Tree Below Raddick Hill

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The more I look at this image the less I like the title. Is it important? That’s Just something for you to think about.

When I took the image I had in my mind the brightly lit tree standing out against Raddick hill climbing away in the background. But when it came to processing the image it was obvious that although I had captured the tree I also made a composition out of the brightly lit diagonal of moorland traversing the valley floor between two tress not one!

The image is all about light and, and so it should be its a photograph! But its much more than this its a piece of history this singular moment when light fell here in this way. And my input to it as a photographer / artist, is all about intent, what did I want to show you. I had many options I could have cropped the image to show just the tree or controlled the shadows differently to give you more or less information in them.

What I decided to do was focus on the light, using its diagonal journey to lead your eye across the frame through the deep shadow. Capturing how I saw he scene and the story I wanted to tell.

This location is located on Walkhampton Common above Burrator, the aqueduct carrying the Devonport leat can be seen in the background, and beyond this the Raddick and Stanlake Plantations.

00248bn This photograph can be purchased as a sepia print