Ice And Water 1 and 2

Ice and Water 1, Black and White Print Ice and Water 2, Black and White Print

Both of these images were taken on the same day only hours apart. In the winter Dartmoor can get cold at night and stay cold all day. It is a barren landscape with little shelter from the wind. The forecast on this particular day had temperatures down to -11 centigrade including the wind chill. However without the interaction off these challenging elements the image would not be possible. The fast flowing waterfall caught in the wind and sprayed on to the hanging branches of skeletal winter trees. Gradually layers of ice build to form natural sculpture each perfect, random and constantly changing.

My aim with both of these images was to try and capture the contrast between water in its two states. I have allowed the background to go out of focus, but in both it is still recognizable showing water in its fluid state.

The photograph Ice and water one captures the patterns frozen in the ice and gives more attention to this detail by selecting a plain background with just a hint of the waterfall behind. Ice and Water 2 is a different photograph along the same theme, but the shape of the sculpture made a great frame for the waterfall in the background so it has been give more prominence in this image.

Both of these photographs were taken a few feet a apart on the same day beside Burrator Reservoir (Dartmoor National Park).