Hisley (Packsaddle) Bridge

Hisley (Packsaddle Bridge) Black and White PhotographPurchase Hisley Bridge Black and White Photograph

The irregular arch spans the river Bovey, constructed from uncoursed rubble moonstone, and dating back to between the 17th and 19th century. Google displays 1000's of results when searching for Hisley bridge, also displaying the tagline "Packsaddle Bridge". It's design suggests its use, and where this alternative name is derived; the parapets of short stature make way for the passing of low slung packsaddles, or maybe just a cost saving for frugal landowners.

Crossing was once restricted by a spar gate the slots in the granite posts are still evident and a rusty hinge suggests a modern gate was fitted at some point, passing is now prevented to all but those on foot by a blocking stone. An upstream ford provides a crossing point when the River Bovey is low enough for the brave.

Hisley Bridge is a little photographic gem. It looks exactly as a Dartmoor bridge should, made of moorstone full of character, with its uneven arch, textured faces, and worn underfoot. Impossible to walk past or over without capturing a few photographs. I took photographs from a number of viewpoints with varying compositions. This down stream photograph came out best, the river Bovey leads your eye through the rocks towards Hisley bridge, The diagonal composition adds to the drama, and the inclusion of the woodland places the bridge in its environment.

Both Colour and Sepia toned versions can be viewed and purchased via thumbnails below.
Hisley (Packsaddle Bridge) sepia Photograph  Hisley Packsaddle Bridge