Hill Cottages at Foggintor Quarry

Hill Cottages Foggintor QuarryHill Cottages Foggintor Quary. Black and white Print For Sale

Foggintor is probably no longer an applicable name for this site; most of the Tor has been removed and granite extracted. Dartmoor is littered with the evidence of mans interference with the landscape.

This photograph shows what remains of Hill cottages, where quarry workers once lived with their families. The ruin stands above the manager’s house. The photograph was taken in March 2010.

I believe that some of the best images of Dartmoor are taken in stormy conditions. In this case the threatening sky raced across overhead pushed on by a blustery wind, constantly redefining the landscape in light and shadow. I waited for a complimentary arrangement of cloud to form the backdrop. Your eye drawn into the photograph by the bright cloud behind the cottage. Luckily I did not have to wait long for the front of the building and foreground to be illuminated at the same time. With a little more patience everything came together and I was fortunate enough to have the iconic Dartmoor Pony walk into the bottom of the frame.

Although a lot of the elements fell into place at the right time the composition is not accidental. I often adopt low viewpoints and enjoy seeing a gutsy foreground, this time getting low down and allowed me to include the stonewall on the left leading diagonally into the frame (It also provided shelter from the wind). In this digital age it is relatively easy to remove man made intrusions from the natural landscape. I have decided to leave the radio transmission mast of North Hessary Tor in the picture. It is conveniently located on a third and I believe adds to the image.

Both Monochrome and Sepia Versions are available in the Dartmoor 20 Gallery.

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Hill Cottages at Foggintor (Sepia)