Dartmeet (The East Dart)

Dartmeet, Black and White PhotographPurchase Dartmeet. Black and White Photograph

Dartmeet is a popular Dartmoor Locations for Locals and holidaymakers. It is easily accessible with good parking, toilets and refreshments. Most people only venture a small distance from the car park and restrict their exploration to the nearby riverbank and clapper bridge. Walk a little further and you can still find quiet secluded spots for photography.

This photograph shows the East Dartmoor crashing down from North Dartmoor. This is one of my favourite images I like low viewpoints and bold foregrounds, and moving water. The backdrop of the Woodland around Brimpts Mead holds the whole image together.

Part of the challenge of this image was the clamber over rocks and boulders and dealing with cramp from squatting in a very unflattering pose for several minutes! Photographically control of exposure was an issue. It was a bright day, and I needed to use a Lee ND Filter to allow me to drop the shutter speed enough to blur by the amount I wanted. The addition of a graduated ND filter over the top of the frame darkened the sky and trees balancing nicely with the dark rocks in the foreground.

A Sepia version is also available in the Gallery

Dartmeet (sepia) Photograph for sale