Crockern Tor. Passing Storm

Crockern Tor Passing Storm Black and White PrintCrockern Tor. Black and White Photograph for sale

Late February afternoon the sun is low in the sky. If you try my Wistmans wood walk then on the way back you will be walking directly into the sun. You may not be fourtunate enough to see Crockern Tor at the end of the walk portrayed as it is here. But to create this you need a special set of weather conditions. Conditions which far from encourage you to leave your comfy warm arm chair and venture out onto the moors.

Thats exactly what I did went out into the very wet and stormy weather just because there were a few breaks in the cloud now and then. It's this changeable and unpredictable light that make shooting in bad weather exciting forget the grey overcast days (keep those for photoshop) but when you are on the edge of a weather front, or in the eye of a storm things get interesting.


This image was captured on the top of Crockern Tor looking south towards the B3357. My camera equipment covered by a poncho that I carry for these condition, but it was to windy to leave the camera tripod mounted between exposures so the whole exercise involved diving out from in behind cover when the clouds broke to snap a few images before retreating to check the results on LCD, and then repeat the exercise once more.

This final image was taken on Canon EOS20D mounted on a manfrotto tripod with a Lee ND Filter across the sky. I had fitted a Sigma 18-55mm lens on the camera and set this at 18mm with an apperature of F22, shutter speed was 1/15s. In these very windy conditions the camera was moving around a lot sort of acting like a sail causing the tripod to move. To combat this I had to slip my foot through the tripod carrying strap to hold the set up steady.

Worth the effort? I think so I like the dark moody feel the break in the storm clouds leads to some very contrasty lighting reflecting off the wet granite. The dark shadows add to the sense of drama and show off the lighting well.

Crocker Tor Passing Storm. Sepia Photograph Crockern Tor Passing Storm is also for sale as a Sepia Print.