Childes Tomb

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Childes Tomb conjures up all kinds of grotesque miss truths in the imagination. But the facts are many times less gruesome. Childe was a Saxon Hunter, probably a warlord or chief who became stranded on the moor. The elements took his life and this is where he was laid to rest.

Childes Tomb lies in a depression in the landscape. On the South Eastern side of the treacherous Foxtor Mires. It makes a great objective to use on several Dartmoor walks. The landscape surrounding the Tomb is uninspiring the only point of interest is Fox Tor climbing in the distance to the South with the remains of Tin workings to the South East.

However the landscape has been kind to us photographers. We just need to see the pictures. A few meters away from the tomb there is a pit. By climbing down into it and turning to face the Tomb we are privileged to be given a granite boulder as foreground interest.

Maybe on another occasion the weather and lighting will be kind enough to allow me to include Fox Tor in the background.

A Sepia version is also available in the gallery 

Childes Tomb Sepia Photograph