Burrator Waterfall

Burrator Waterfall, Black and White Photograph
I have passed this place many times, on foot and in the car. It was not untill recently that I decide to stop and look a little closer that the true potential of this scene appeared before me. It is litteraly within feet of the road that circumnavigates the edge of Burrator reservoir. Due to its accesability it became and obvious location that was ideal for a beginers photography workshop. Following the workshop I returned to capture the scene for myself.  The cascade of water (I think) comes from the Devonport leat , but a little more research on foot is required one day to clarify the source of the deluge.
The lighting was a changeable and challenging as strong dappled lighting played tricks with metering and havoc with contrast.  A specialist landscape photographers technique  known as - pateince - dealt wth both challenges admirably  allowing time for some light cloud  to drift across and  reduce the contrast. I used a  Lee Polariser  filter  to reduce the reflections on the water .

Manipulation has been limited in photoshop to raw conversion, and a very simple levels adjust . The  top edge of the image has been croppped to improve the composition by removing some unwanted distractions.