Burrator From Downtor

Burrator from Downtor, Dartmoor, black and white printPurchase Burrator From Downtor. A Black and White Photograph

The landscape around Burrator is high up on my list of favourite Dartmoor locations. It has a diverse mix of moorland, woodland and the reservoir itself.

Down tor is easily reached from the car park, at Norsworthy bridge, this is located on the road running around the reservoir at the opposite end to the dam.

This image was taken on a fine August morning. The sky was blue and the air clear. Perfect for Dartmoor photography. The only thing you could ask for would be a more interesting sky. But on reflection, looking at this image now, I think having clouds would be a distraction, and would weaken the image. This is a great spot to take a break and open the flask. Which is just as well. When I arrived on location the sun had not yet cleared the tops of the tors behind me, and the whole foreground had been cast into shadow. I needed to wait for the sun to rise gently above the horizon, gradually the tops of the tree and eventually the granite rocks were also bathed in sunlight. I waited a little longer,  so that only the bottom right corner was still in shadow providing a good solid base to the picture, it also adds balance to the dark hillside of Sheeps Tor still in shadow on the left of the image.

I like the photograph as it captures Burrator and Down tor exactly as I remember. It goes beyond the visual and connects on an emotional level and stirs memories of a perfect moment in time drinking coffee on Down tor waiting for the light.

Burrator from Downtor, Dartmoor, Sepia print

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