Brent Tor Church Bible

Brent Tor Church Bible Black and white PhotographPurchase Brent Tor Church Bible. Black and White Photograph

One of the difficulties inherent with photography is capturing in one image what your eye sees in a second. Without thought you take in details, discard what is not important and add layers of information from all your other senses.

To photograph Brent Tor Church I had to make more than one image. This is the last of the three. A simple close up image of the bible. It created many challenges and proved to be an exercise in the control of light and depth of field.

It was eventually crested from 3 separate exposures blended in Photoshop. The view point and composition were carefully thought out. The bible forms the main subject and as such fills over half of the frame. The background is very important, without the window and altar it could just have been any old book in a spare room.

The following Photographs of Brent Tor Church are also available.

Brent Tor Church Interior  Brent Tor Church