Bedford Bridge

00227bn LRGPurchase Bedford Bridge, Black and White Photograph

I have driven across Bedford Bridge (also known as Magpie Bridge) many times. From the road you can not see what lies beneath. Each time I drove over I would catch myself thinking "I must pull into that car park and take a look". How many times have we all done that? Missing many photographic opportunities.

Bedford Bridge was built in 1822 as part of a system of toll roads between Plymouth and Tavistock. The Bedford Bridge area is important to wildlife.  Wild thyme, yarrow, tormentil, chamomile grow around the parking area. The Valley provides good populations of Dipper and Grey Wagtail. During spring and summer a wide range of Butterflies can be found. There are several enjoyable walks in the area to help you explore. So a good location for photographers

I had been out to photograph Brentor Church, and had time to spare so stopped for a quick look. The big challenge in taking this photograph was the lighting. The trees in the background provide some relief from shooting directly into the sun, but I used a LEE .9 graduated filter across the top of the photograph to help with the exposure. I enjoy producing images in Black and White as it gives me more freedom to bring out important details in the image by manipulating the various tones. Here I used photoshop to expand the tonal seperation between the greens to help the foliage in the photograph on the opposite bank stand out.