Dartmoor 20 Portfolio

 This is what the Dartmoor 20 project is all about. Displaying the top 20 photographs in my portfolio showing Dartmoor National Park at it's best. It is of course a personal project and therfore many will disagree with my selection. If you can't find what you are looking for here then check out the main gallery.

Hill Cottages Foggintor Dartmoor National ParkHill Cottages - Foggintor Quarry.
The remains of hill cottages are once where quarry workers from the Foggintor quarry behind these cottages was located. Workers lived here with there families, schooled their children and scrapped a meagre living from the granite. This area offer a wealth of interesting opportunities for the photographer.

Foggintor Quarry Dartmoor National Park Frozen OverFoggintor - Quarry Frozen.

This is a location I visit a lot. It has lot of interesting features and plenty to photograph, it's great for workshops. On this particular day it was magical; the lake had frozen and a thin dusting of snow blew about on the surface.

Brent Tor Church Interior

Brent Tor Church Interior.

Often photographed from the outside, but rarley seen from the inside. Which is a shame, this small Church has a simplistic interior and unexplainable beauty all of it's own.

Brent Tor Church Bible
Brent Tor Church. The Bible.

Sometimes a small part of a scene can say more than the grand gesture of the big vista. Brentor Bible cleverly reflects the quiet and tranquility of St Michaels.

Dartmeet Dartmoor National Park Black and White Photograph
East Dart River Dartmeet

Good parking and refreshments make this a popular spot. But plenty of scope for the photographer to escape the casual visitors and find a secluded spot for some picture taking.

West Dart River, Below Wistmans Wood
West Dart River Below Wistmans Wood

This is one of my favourite places on Dartmoor. Often considered a bleak and barren landscape, but in this small area, you have the West Dart, Wistmans wood and few good tors.

Tavy Cleave Waterfall in the mist, Black and White Photograph The Waterfall At Tavy Cleave.

A delightful location with lots of potential for photographers. Adding the Sepia tone and separating the main image from the background with the mist add to the strength of the image.

The Hidden Falls of Venford Brook, Black and White PhotographThe Hidden Falls Of Venford Brook.

Not so hidden just hard to find as they can not be seen from the normal footpath. But steep descent to the brook at the valley bottom reveals this magical view.

Brent Tor Church, Black and White PrintBrent Tor Church

The church has a commanding 360 degree view of the surrounding coutryside and can be seen on clear days from most corners of the moor if you look hard enough. Very photogenic cling to the end of the narrow Brent Tor.

Windy Post (Beckamoor) Cross, Black and White PrintWindy Post Cross

An easily reached and over photographed scene. But with careful composition using a square format and classic monochrome, and original photograph can still be produced.

Burrator Reservoir from Downtor, Black and White PrintBurrator Reservoir from Down Tor

Burrator is one of my favourite locations. Water trees and foreground a great formula for classic landscape images. Add in a a twisted tree typical of Dartmoor and you have a great portrait of not only of Burrator but a compact view of the whole national park

Lone Tree Below Radick Hill, Black and White PrintLone Tree Below Raddick Hill

Photography is all about light. And this oppourtunity was to good to let pass. Strong directional sunlight illumintaed the barren trees whilst Radick hill behind was still in deep shadow.

Childes Tomb, Dartmoor National Park, Black and White PrintChildes Tomb.

Not as sad as it sounds, but sad enough!Childe was a Saxon Hunter. Trapped on Dartmoor in a storm. Legend tells us this is where he was found and burried.

The Approach to Wistmans Wood, Black and white Print.Approaching Wistmans Wood.

Made famous by legends, Wistmans wood is a notorius dark and spooky wood. However in my experince this is not true. Fascinating with twisted oak trees covered in Lichen and Moss.

Crockern Tor, Passing Storm, Black and White PrintCrockern Tor, Passing Storm.

One of the most important locations on Dartmoor. Home to the old Crockern, aincient pagan god of Dartmoor, and due to it's central location it was the meeting place of the Stannary Parliament.

00227bn LRGBedford Bridge.

Its nice to be surprised. I had driven over this bridge many times and always wondered what it might look like from below. One day I stopped and this scene greeted me.

Norsworthy Bridge, Black and White PrintNorsworthy Bridge Over The River Meavy

The Meavy Norsworthy Bridge is located at the North eastern end of Burrator Reservior. I wanted to capture the old tree stump and bridge in the background. Deciding on the positioning of the tree stump took and eternity.

Hisley Bridge Black and white PrintHisley Bridge Over The River Bovey

Hisley Bridge asks to be photographed. Its a photographic gem with its old worn moonstone construction, and back drop of Hisley woods. Also known as Packsaddle Bridge.

Ice and Water, Black and White PrintIce And Water 1

Dartmoor gets very cold. However this brings even more photographic oppourtunities to the brave photographer. These ice patterns were created by spray from the waterfall being blown and frozen the bare branches of a nearby tree forming this natural ice sculpture.

West Mill Tor From Yes Tor
 West Mill Tor from Yes Tor

The high moor can be bleak and barren. Colours are muted, contrast low and the overal scene uninspiring. But bring on dramatic lighting, and a bit of stormy weather and the landscape is transformed into a dramatic stage where the wind plays a merry tune and the clouds dance to its rythm.