Tributary Of The River Swincombe (Fox Tor Mire)

Tributary of the Swincombe, Black and white photographPurchase Tributary of The Swincombe, Black and White Photograph

Veins of natural and manmade watercourses carve up Dartmoor. There are numerous tributaries flowing down and joining up to form the river Swincombe, this is just one of them typical of those found in the area.

Landscape photography is often about matching the lighting and weather conditions to the subject. And on this day the overcast sky provided the diffuse lighting required to capture moving water. Rivers often have extremes of contrast, water highly reflective which sometimes burns out completely in direct sunlight, contrasted with the deep shadows formed under overhanging foliage.

I composed this photograph so that the viewers' eye is taken into the image, guided by the light grasses on the left and right side of the frame. Your eyes follow the stream up to the gap in the dry stonewall where more of the light foliage can be seen on the other side. Your eye is stopped from leaving the image by the top of the wall and sinks back down along the line of the stream.

A Sepia version is also available in the gallery.

Tributary of the Swincombe Sepia Print