Frozen Foggintor

Foggintor FrozenPurchase Foggintor Frozen, Black and White Photograph

I have visited Foggintor quarry many times. And taken a number of photographs. I often take other photographers to this location during my landscape photography workshops, and my Dartmoor photography workshops. Being familiar with a location often makes it difficult to find new and interesting photographs to take. But the landscape always surprises me as it changes with time and season and provides that little spark of inspiration all on it’s own.

This is a panoramic photograph of the interior of Foggintor quarry. The waters were frozen solid – not unusual for February on Dartmoor, but the fine dusting of snow swirling around in the strong breeze on the surface of the ice added the extra ingredient.

It was difficult to capture the scene using a wide angle lens as this exaggerated perspective, and distorted what I wanted to share with you. The answer is this panoramic; almost 180 degrees created from stitching together 8 separate images.

Foggintor Frozen is also available as a Sepia

Foggintor Frozen Sepia Photograph