Sheeps Skull Childes Tomb

Sheeps Skull at Childes Tomb, black and white photographPurchase Sheeps Skull Childes Tomb. Black and White Photograph

If I said this Skull is exactly where I found it I would be telling a little white lie. I had to move it a few feet to the left to get into the best position to capture Childes Tomb in the background. There was period of time in the late 80's (I think) when there were a lot moody photographs of Skulls appearing all over the place so I guess that this just had to be done. I was fortunate enough to be in a location (Childes Tomb) where I could make good use of the skull. I put the pit in the ground to good use and got down low. By focusing on the skull and letting the background blur I have forced the viewer to concentrate on the main subject. t was not difficult to arrange the elements in the frame. However exposure was not easy to control the bright light risked burning out the white skull and two exposures were made. To give the image a moody sinister feel, the contrast was boosted, background darkened and a heavy vignette applied to the print.

Sheeps Skull Childes Tomb, sepia photograph