Dartmoor Photography Walks

style="text-align: justify;">The aim of this website is to capture my vision of Dartmoor. But it is also about paying back something to the photographic community. The walks on this page have been done my-self. I have selected them and these routes as they offer something of interest to the photographer. I also use some of these as a basis for my Dartmoor Photography Workshops.

If you would like to join me on one of these walks then please contact me.


Foggintor and Swell Tor Quarry WalkFoggintor and Swell Tor Quarry Walk

This combines together several interesting features in Dartmoor in one compact and easy half day walk. Easy access from the Visitor center in Princetown and for the most part the route follows dissused railway tracks making navigation easy. There a lots of photography oppourtunities at Foggintor and Swell Tor Quarry.


Wistmans Wood Walk

Wistmans Wood & Longaford Tor Ridge

A very entertaining walk for photographers. Short at only 4 miles long, but packed with enough subject matter to keep you busy all day. The highlights include shooting the moss and lichen on the aincient trees, the banks of the West Dart River, and breathtaking Dartmoor views from Littaford Tor. Finnaly visiting Crockern Tor.


Burrator Reservoir WalkBurrator Reservoir Circular

An easy walk with great access. You start your walk from the wide road where there is plenty of parking. You can if you wish stay on tarmac roads all the way around or take some interesting deviations down to the Reservoir. Capture the beauty of easily accesible waterfall and the river Meavy at Norsworthy bridge.


Tavy Cleave Photography Walk Dartmoor National Park

Tavy Cleave Photography Walk

Tavy Cleave is one of Dartmoors most dramatic locations. It offers the photographer the oppourtunity to photograph tors, rivers, waterfalls and moorland scenes at there very best. Tavy Cleave can seem very remote on quiet days, but is a popular location so its best to visit early and enjoy it's beauty on your own. Parking is good and close to the start of the walk. This walk is for experienced walkers, who are comfortable with a map and compass.



The Author and Photographer does not accept any liability for loss, damage or injury resulting from the use of this website. The descriptions and maps are designed to be an aide to finding good photographic locations in the Dartmoor National Park and should not be use as the sole method of navigation. Take care on Dartmoor, the weather can change fast, the landscape is often featureless and difficult to navigate. Ensure you carry an Ordanance Survey Map and compass at all times and that you can use them. Wear good supportive footwear ideally walking boots and always carry waterproofs drinks and snacks.