Brent Tor Church Interior

Brent To Church Interior, Black and White PrintPurchase Brent Tor Church Interior Black and White Photograph

This image was as much about Dartmoor as a challenge in photographing in difficult lighting conditions. The extreme exposure range between the shadows and light streaming through the windows presented some hurdles that required some attention in camera and latter in Photoshop.

Brent Tor Church is more often seen in photographs from the outside, but inside as you can see it is a little gem. Small, minimalist and charming at the same time. The uncluttered and carefully arranged interior made relatively easily to photograph from a composition point of view.

To ensure that the detail was retained in the bright windows and shadows several exposures were made. The first base a base exposure and took care of the mid range of tones, the second was taken to capture the shadow areas, and the final exposure took care of the windows. All three were combined in Photoshop and blended together to try and produce a natural looking image. I have allowed the shadows to go black in areas and just picked out the highlights on the top of the pews, this gave the most natural looking image, and reproduced the scene as I remembered it on the day.

To complete my vision of Brent for Church check out the photographs below.

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