St. Michaels Brent Tor Church

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Brent Tor is a well know landmark. It can be seen on a clear day from most parts of the moor. I have heard that it can be seen from the sea, but have no way of proving it. Legends say that a merchant who used Brent Tor to guide his ship during a storm built the church.

It is difficult to photograph a subject as well know as Brent Tor without copying what has been done before. My own personal approach is not to worry about it! Every day of the year is different. And I am sure that this scene, the cloud formations and lighting will never be exactly the same again as they are in this image.

This was captured early evening with the sun low in the sky casting long shadows across the landscape. The sky was changing quickly as the remnants of a heavy shower passed by.

I like the side lighting picking out the exposed granite along the ridge, and the narrow path leading up to the church. I have composed this from a low viewpoint as looking up to the church gives it more importance.

Brent Tor Church Interior
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Brent Tor Church Interior

When visiting Brent Tor is worth walking a little further along the ridge having a look inside the church. It is often a welcome break from the wind, cold and often the wet weather. You can view two of my photographs taken inside the church on this website. St Michaels Brent Tor Interior and St Michaels Brent Tor Bible.