Dartmoor20 Photography Project
by Brian Northmore Photography


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St. Michaels Brent Tor Church

Brent Tor Church Black and White PhotographPurchase Brent Tor Black and White Photograph

Brent Tor is a well know landmark. It can be seen on a clear day from most parts of the moor. I have heard that it can be seen from the sea, but have no way of proving it. Legends say that a merchant who used Brent Tor to guide his ship during a storm built the church.

It is difficult to photograph a subject as well know as Brent Tor without copying what has been done before. My own personal approach is not to worry about it! Every day of the year is different. And I am sure that this scene, the cloud formations and lighting will never be exactly the same again as they are in this image.

This was captured early evening with the sun low in the sky casting long shadows across the landscape. The sky was changing quickly as the remnants of a heavy shower passed by.

I like the side lighting picking out the exposed granite along the ridge, and the narrow path leading up to the church. I have composed this from a low viewpoint as looking up to the church gives it more importance.

Brent Tor Church Interior
  00154bn LRG

Brent Tor Church Interior

When visiting Brent Tor is worth walking a little further along the ridge having a look inside the church. It is often a welcome break from the wind, cold and often the wet weather. You can view two of my photographs taken inside the church on this website. St Michaels Brent Tor Interior and St Michaels Brent Tor Bible.

Dartmoor Gallery

All the photographs on this website and many more can be viewed and purchased from the Shop

2106 Dartmoor Photography Workshop Dates.

The workshops below are suitable for all. I cover from the very beginning of photography for complete novices, including the technical aspects to allow you to manipulate your camera so you can achieve great results. Photography does not end with understanding your camera, this is the beginning. I will take you deeper into the theory of photography when you are ready at your pace, considering lens choice, histograms, and achieving the very best from your kit. Photography is also an art, and during the workshop we can discuss during our picture taking composition, light, and artistic intent.

The photography workshop will change depending on your current level of skill and progress. The beauty of these workshops is that they are infinitely scalable to meet your needs. Having a mixture of photographers in the group helps. We learn from each other and pick up new ideas. I take the role of facilitator, asking probing questions, filling the gaps in your knowledge, and challenging your thinking.

Saturday 16th January 2016: Foggintor Quarry

This workshop has proven very popular. There is good parking in Princetown behind the visitor centre where you can explore afterwards if you wish. The facilities in Princetown are good, although its worthing noting the charge for use of the public toilet in the carpark. We start our walk onto the moor using a well trodden and clear disused railway track. The walk in gives us a good chance to discuss your photography and establishes a starting point for the day. We will soon leave the track and play around taking photographs at one of the small bridges along the track. I will use this sheltered location to go through the very basics, and asses your level of knowledge, so I cover what is required. We go off track up to the top of the Foggintor Quarry (Weather dependent) eventually ending up in the quarry and ruins of Hill cottages. Plenty of opportunity to cover the basics of photography, and go further into more intermediate and artistic areas.

Hill Cottages, Foggintor Quarry Sepia Photograph

    Foggintor Quarry Location Guide Foggintor Panoramic Frozen

Saturday 12th February 2016: Blacktor and Blacktor Falls

There are a few options for starting this workshop. We will either begin at Norsworthy bridge (Burrator) or from a lay-by between Dousland and Princetown. A lot of this walk is on some fairly uneven terrain, but the location is packed with photographic potential. You will have the oppourtunity depending on the start point to photograph Norsworthy Bridge, Blacktor Falls, Blacktor, and many typical Dartmoor landscapes. The wide range of scenery with the addition of moving water on this workshop is great for beginners and photographers who are ready to go a little further. and experiment. Black tor falls is a great location to explore, and fantastic spot for lunch. The Photographs below were taken at locations on the workshop and demonstrate the oppourunities to learn about lighting and shutter speeds during the workshop.

Black Tor Falls. Dartmoor Photography Workshop

     Sunlit trees near Blacktor Falls

Saturday 11th March 2016: Tavy Cleave and Gertor
The walking on this workshop can be a little more challenging. We start of along a farm tack but soon enter the open moor and climb up hill above the cleave to Ger Tor. There are great views from the top, but results with all landscape photography are dependant on the weather. The location provides photographers at all levels to work on thier skills and create great images. The Waterfall location is a also a great spot to stop for lunch or coffee. 

Tavy Cleave & Gertor Photography Workshop

    Tavy Cleave Waterfall. Dartmoor Photography Workshop

The following workshops are additional dates for those above.
13th March 2016 Foggintor Quarry
21st May 2016 Black Tor & Falls
17th June 2016 Tavy Cleave and Gertor.
More dates will be added on a regular basis.
All dates are dependant on the weather. If we are prevented from running the workshop due to poor weather a new date will be agreed, alternatively transfer to the next available workshop of your choice.Personal ones to ones & Private groups. Most of my workshops are privately arranged one to one workshops. These offer individual and highly tailored tuition. Dates times and locations are flexible. I can also arrange private group workshops.