Photographers Statement

Photogaphers portrait


I am an outdoor photographer, and engineer. Engineering is my chosen career, and photography my chosen passion. Both of these complement each other and require a  similar approach.

I began photography in July 1987 at Plymouth Hoe Air show with a borrowed Camera. For many years I toured the major air shows in the UK, and  dabbled at photographing everything else in between. My passion for landscape photography grew overtime inspired by the great landscape photographs in the camera magazines, and walking in the Lake District and Snowdonia. In 2005 I switched to Digital Photography.

The creative  process begins in camera, exploring compositions, and identifying the elements that I connect with. As an engineer I am methodical and take care with the technical details; exposure, depth of field, mirror lock up, and aperture selection. The aim is to wring out every ounce of quality from the sensor and lens combination. This methodical approach allows me to explore the subjective creatively and freely, using rules and breaking them.

I like to explore contrasts in the Landscape, the difference between soft and hard surfaces, the static elements contrasting with the motion of water, light and shadow. I Prefer to work in black and white, as the absence of colour simplifies the image and enhances these contrasts.

I am currently working on Dartmoor 20, a project celebrating the National Park the way that I see it. The project also repays a debt to the photographic community who have helped me so much, through workshops, walks and locations guides.