Locations For Photographers

Dartmoor is full of potential for photographers of all abilities. The aim of this project is has expanded to also include sharing some of my favourite locations and walks with other photographers so they can also enjoy Dartmoor. Many local photographers comment on how difficult it is to photograph the moor and they are not wrong. In contradiction to this statement Dartmoor is not difficult to photograph, but is hard to see them photographs, hopefully these location ideas and the images on the website will provide you with some ideas. Hopefully your intention will not be to copy but present your own interpretation of these images. Why not share them on my BN-Images Facebook Page.


Foggintor Quarry

Foggintor Quarry

Foggintor Quarry is a fine example of how man has shaped and influenced the Dartmoor we see today. Although Dartmoor is regarded as barren inhospitable place, this was not always true. Once a dense forrest and over time cleared by man for grazing livestock and more recently it is rich supply of Grannite has been quarried.


Brent Tor ChurchBrent Tor Church

Brent Tor Church; the Church of St. Michael DeRupe stands on a volcanic cone on the edge of the Dartmoor National Park. Visible from most of Dartmoor and the South Devon coast. But why build a church here? there are many legends - maybe with some truth to them.


The Waterfall At Tavy CleaveThe Waterfall At Tavy Cleave

Tavy Cleave is a one of my favourite locations on Dartmoor. It truly is an area of outstanding beauty and photographic potential. Not difficult to get to, just a little remote, which is why you can often sit here for many hours and not see a single person.